I will write you a german reggae song

write you a german reggae song
write you a german reggae song

About This Gig

German is my mother tongue and I feel that reggae is a good way to express things. Sometimes you need to be in that special state to understand the soul of reggae. Needless to say it carries a very important function.

I will produce a german reggae song for those people who share the same mindset on this and aren't daunted from making german music. After all it is something outstanding to produce nowadays, if it is created with intent and well suited for the correct audiences.

  • My gig will contain the following:

3 different verse parts consisting between 4 to 6 lines
1 repeating chorus / refrain, also between 4 to 6 lines
1 rap bridge at the end, consisting of 4 lines
>> You actually can define within those boundaries, if you like.

  • The rhyming scheme will be chosen by the by me, the author.

  • The topic is freely choosable, as well I will try to consider trigger words, but their use is not mandatory. You also can send me the desired title of the piece, if already existing. Otherwise I'll build it up completely from scratch.

  • Spelling mistakes are reserved to the author.

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision