I will be your acoustical and soundproofing consultant

be your acoustical and soundproofing consultant

About This Gig

For $5 I will give you an estimated cost of what your Soundproofing or acoustical treatment Project will cost.

I have a significant amount of experience in Soundproofing, Vibration Reduction, Acoustic Treatment, and Isolation. I have constructed a number of professional studios from the ground up, and have consulted in the construction and treatment of many others. 

Whether it's a jam space, vocal booth, live studio floor, there are a variety of cost effective measures to make your room and recording environment sound more professional. 

Do your neighbours hate your late night jam sessions? I can help you REALLY soundproof your room. No patch solutions, no egg cartons, these are real life solutions to creating the ideal sounding environment.

It all started for me with my own studio, a professional studio consulting company quoted my recording studio build at $750,000. I completed that same build after 2 years of research and education for $90,000. I've used these same techniques in closets to build fully soundproofed vocals booths. and redone entire houses for optimal sound isolation. 

Contact me directly for information specific to your Soundproofing or acoustical treatment project