I will plan your next vacation Anywhere in the world

plan your next vacation Anywhere in the world

About This Gig

Currently living in Toronto, but born and raised in beautiful Jamaica. I've travelled extensively all over the world and will be the best travel guide you've ever had!

If you are travelling and need advice, information on what attractions to see , how to get there, where to stay etc,I can help

want to discover all the hidden gems a travel guide won't tell you about?

Want safety tips? what to look out for and where to avoid?

I will help with where to go, what to do, what to see and how to have the best possible experience on any trip anywhere in the world

I will answer all these questions and more!

for $5....
you get ONE FULL DAY (breakfast to dinner+night out) itinerary custom tailored to you based on your budget and preferences. I will deliver an hour by hour timetable for the city you wish to visit.