I will do pranic healing to remove your body ache

do pranic healing to remove your body ache

About This Gig

 I will do a powerful session of pranic healing in order to remove any body aches you may be having. Pranic healing is very effective for removing body aches/pain.

The frequency and duration of Pranic Healing treatments differ from case to case. For simple and minor ailments the healing can be instantaneous or may take a few minutes, a few hours or a few days. For chronic and severe case however, the healing is progressive. Therefore the treatments in most of the cases should be applied  twice or thrice  in a week as long as necessary.

We will work on your issues energetically. I am confident that you will find relief !

1 basic gig quantity= 1 healing session for removing a body ache for 15 minutes.

For more/long sessions please order extras or ask me to send you a custom offer.