I will reprogram your brain for success

reprogram your brain for success
reprogram your brain for success

About This Gig

Our conscious mind is only 10% of our total brain power, the other 90% lies in our subconscious mind. Through our powerful subliminal audios, we can directly reach your subconscious mind to plant positive changes in our life.

After one week of listening for a min of 30 minutes a day we can see changes in how we feel!

We offer the following audios:

  • Stop Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Unstoppable Motivation
  • Become an Alpha Male
  • Attract Hot Women
  • Become an extremely beautiful woman (Aura & Confidence)
  • Sex Confidence (For Men or Women)
  • Self-Confidence/Belief
  • Male Enhancement (Penis Growth)

Please message me for more information about the audio you are interested in! Purchase an audio and start seeing results in a minimum of 1 weeks time!

Order Details

2 days delivery

Subliminal audio HQ mp3

I will send a high-quality mp3 subliminal audio track. Listen with headphones for best results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long until I start seeing results?
    You should be feeling the changes happen in a minimum of 1 week.
  • How long should I listen?
    You should start with 1 hour per day. You should have realized most of the results with the audio after 2 months of daily listening.
  • Is there a limit to how long I can listen?
    Yes, your subconscious will be doing all it can by listening to a MAX of 2 hrs/day. Any more will not speed up results and will just cause unease.
  • Will this work if I use speakers?
    It will still have some effect, but for best results, please try and use stereo headphones.
  • Can I do other activities will listening?
    Yes you can do your work, or study or anything else, you do not need to pay attention, as the subliminal mind will pick up what it needs.