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I will manually do a Backlink from wikipedia

About This Gig

Hello in this gig I offer a nofollow Backlink from wikipedia.org related to your niche. It is a nofollow Link , but it brings a lot of trust to your Website and Visitors!

This other people say about a these offer:
"Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, providing unbiased information to millions of unique visitors a day. They are an online traffic source just waiting to be taken advantage of, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. A lot of you out there might be wondering whether or not you should use for SEO purposes, and my answer will always be YES."

How this works
  1. Just Gig extras availible! Contact first, otherwise I cancel!
  2. I search for Wikipedia Articles that have broken links!
  3. I Offer to you 2-3 Articles where it is possible!
  4. You Choose one!
  5. I go ahead and write the Article espacially for your blog/website that machtes 100% the nesesity of wikipedia!
  6. For Better success I Choose a Niche Related natural Sentence as Anchor
  7. Lifetime Guarantee (unlimidet replacements by free!)
I dont accept Orders without gig Extras!!!
All work is done manually!

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