I will provide you with 125 Jaw Dropping Fruit recipes

provide you with 125 Jaw Dropping Fruit recipes

About This Gig

Sweet and succulent fruit recipes that are addicting!

After tasting just a few recipes in the book, you will never look at fruit the same again. 

The book includes:

50 Unique Watermelon Recipes 

40 Mouthwatering Fruit Recipes: 

40 Mind-blowing Mango Recipes 

My wife is a brilliant chef and put this spectacular list together

This collection of recipes are: 

• Great for every occasion
• World inspired recipes that you can create without leaving the comfort of your home 
• Great for giving you new ideas on how to make your own fruit dish 
• Wonderful new spins on fruit dishes that you never imagined before 
• A wonderful collection of tasty ideas 

Find out why these recipes have been a hit in homes around the world for years!