I will give you hobby Electronics ideas for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
give you hobby Electronics ideas
give you hobby Electronics ideas

About This Gig

I'll give a hobby electronics project ideas. It may be a simple Dark detecting circuit or a complex Microcontroller project. Also if you are finding an idea for your Undergraduate project. This gig is for you !

I can guide you to do those yourself. Although you have a creative idea about a hobby project, but you don't know how to fulfill them. Just contact me. I'll guide you

Hobby projects you may interested in

  • Dark activating switches
  • Rain detectors
  • Clap switches
  • Attractive LED patterns
  • Digital temperature meters
  • Home security systems
  • Remote controlling projects
  • Amplifier systems
  • Power supply units
  • Computer based circuits and etc

In addition to these I design both Analog & Digital circuits. Also I'm an expert in designing PCBs and PIC Microcontroller programming.

If you want construct a hobby Electronics project, just inbox me

Thank you !