I will send you a nonfiction Ghostwriter Preparation kit

send you a nonfiction Ghostwriter Preparation kit

About This Gig

If you have a nonfiction book that needs writing, but you aren’t a writer or you are too busy and need help, then the NONFICTION Ghostwriter Preparation Kit is for you!

I'm a top rated ghostwriter on Fiverr and here's what I've included in this 27-page PDF

  • 6 points of info GW will need to start your project
  • Sample script to use to contact ghostwriter
  • Brief snapshot of what the new writing and publishing universe looks like (a lot has changed!)
  • Types of nonfiction books suitable for GW
  • 2 Templates to use as an example should you decide to create your outline
  • Tips on hiring ghostwriter
  • Ghostwriter agreement
  • Types of Nonfiction Structures

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