I will get jinns to help you

get jinns to help you
get jinns to help you
get jinns to help you

About This Gig

Basically this gig is for people who know about jinns, genies, demons as some call them (fire beings)
(hamzad, rooh, qareen, jinn ifrit)

I have friends from the Jinn World and sometimes they assist me in getting tasks done, my relationship with jinns isn't a bindind/controlling type, most people who claim stones have been binded to jinns are lying. If you have done Jinn rituals you will know they don't like helping humans unless they are friends with them or have some kind of deal.

Depending on what it is you need doing I can get jinns to perform tasks for you, if you have questions they will come in to your dreams and tell you the answers, due to the nature of the gig this can take time to perform. 

I can either get you answers/show you things in your dreams or get them to help you with something like if someones bothering you to get them to stop, to get a desire/wish manifested quickly!

I am only helping for the sake of the merciful one, no bad requests as I will not accept. 

Masters of the Unseen!

Order Details

14 days delivery

I can get jinns to help you!

Get work done via jinns manifest results fast!