I will do home work of statistics and Adobe photoshop Work

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do home work of statistics and Adobe photoshop Work

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I am a statistician who has been working since 2005. i love to work in the field of statistics know different soft-wares like spss, minitab, excel etc .I also work on Websites and Web applications. My areas of expertise involveSQL SAS R SPSS MATLAB MINITAB EXCEL MATHEMATICA STATISTICA I have strong command over SAS SQL AND R and programming. By 2014 if you hire me you will get your quality work in less time .My profession requires the use of statistics and economic principles - I conduct market research surveys and other economic analyses for a leading university. I am also highly proficient at conducting analyses using SPSS (IBM-certified), Excel, and especially R.  In addition, I have excellent communication/writing skills, project management expertise, and always fully annotate my code for future users.  Specialties: R, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Public Policy, Survey Design & Analysis, Statistics, Applied Economic Models & Forecasting, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research,MATLAB

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