I will help you stop snoring

help you stop snoring

About This Gig

Snoring at nights waking up with head ache, aching teeth, tired through out the whole day? 
Waking up your family in the middle of the night with your snoring?

It is not just unpleasant for the people around you, you may feel like you are always tired. Craving for sweets to keep you going?

Do you recognise some of the obstacles above, well then I am your man to help you! 

With Energy Healing I can easily help you to solve this issue. 
All is done remotely. Sometimes you need more than one session.

In the Basic gig I will analyze the situation and perform the best mix of Energy Healing methods.

After your treatment I will update you with the progress and eventually send you a custom suggestion if that would be beneficial for you.

Break free from snoring!
(and your family will shout Hooray!)

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