I will consult for 20min on your health and fitness goals

consult for 20min on your health and fitness goals

About This Gig

Hi and Welcome to My Gig !

I will answer and address any of your health and fitness issues for 20 to 30 minutes. I will not charge you if we go a few minutes over.
I am available 24/7!

 You can also order this gig by sending me a list of 8 specific questions you have about your health & fitness goals. Ordering the gig this way is great for those who want a quicker (2 day) turnaround time at no extra cost!!

Gig Rules:

1. I am 100% Natural so I will not give advice on the use of steroids or other illegal performance enhancing drugs.

2. Live contact methods are Skype (international) or Phone.

3. If you will not be available or need to reschedule, you must notify me at LEAST 24hrs ahead of time.

4. If I attempt to contact you up to 3 times on the scheduled date and you are not available, the gig will be considered delivered and no refund will be given. 

Contact me if you need to before ordering.

Order Details

1 day delivery