I will translate your French genealogy documents to English

translate your French genealogy documents to English
translate your French genealogy documents to English

About This Gig

Have you run across an important document for your family research, but you can't read it because it is in French? I can do that for you.
This gig is for TRANSLATION into English of historical documents for the purpose of genealogical research.  It is for up to 250 words.  You can add additional words to the gig using gigs extras. 
A transcription can also be added.  This is where I type the document, in its original language, word for word.  This is good for keeping for your records, especially if the handwriting is difficult to read.

I have experience reading and translating French historical documents for my personal genealogy research and as a volunteer French document indexer for FamilySearch (genealogy website). 

Please Note:  Some of the older documents are very hard to read due to the handwriting or fading of the document.  If I am unable to read your document, I will let you know and cancel the gig. 

Also Note:  This gig is for historical documents ONLY--for genealogy purposes.  This gig is not for general translation.

Order Details

Up to 250 words translated

Historical Document Translation from French to English

5 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have a bunch of documents I need translated?
    This gig counts words instead of documents. You can combine several documents up to 250 words for the gig price. For over 250 words, you can use a gig add-on.
  • In what format should I send the documents to you?
    All documents must be sent in PDF or Jpg/Jpeg format.