I will safe and powerful SEO tiered 301 redirect backlinks

safe and powerful SEO tiered 301 redirect backlinks
safe and powerful SEO tiered 301 redirect backlinks
safe and powerful SEO tiered 301 redirect backlinks

About This Gig

Be careful with purchasing backlinks
Most SEO backlinking gigs have the potential to destroy your website. Recovery from this is virtually impossible with all your efforts wasted.

So what is the solution?
Simply by adding a super safe buffer of tiered '301 redirects'.
301 redirects are the safe way to pass 'link juice' to a website without passing any penalties. The first layer goes directly to your URLs and second layer adds juice to the first. Getting 50,000 back!inks to these will highly dilute the BL volume each URL gets directly and pass down to your site. This is the ultimate in protection as none of these massive numbers go directly to your website.

SEO Gurus use 301 redirects
Many SEO Gurus spend thousands of dollars to buy expired domains just to 301 redirect the entire site to a money site. You can get more power using this gig!

Secret Sauce Indexing
Use the gig extra to unleash the power of the 301's by adding further backlinks from hundreds of private high authority domains.

SEO Software
You can safely use results from this gig with any S.E.O. software or service to post them all over the Internet to increase the powerful juice to your website properties.

Order Details

7 days delivery

301 redirects

Verified list of 301 redirect URLs backlinking your URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide a report?
    Lists of all '301 redirect' URLs will be provided... except private secret sauce!
  • Can I ping the 301s or send them to a professional indexing service?
    You are quite free to use the 301's as you see fit. You can send them to as many professional indexing services as you like. See gig extras for the most powerful indexing service with reboost.
  • Can the URLs be used with software?
    Absolutely. The URLs can be safely used in GSA SER or SE Nuke, Scrapebox or any other SEO software. In fact it is a much safer option and better to backlink to the 301s instead of direct to your website or high quality Tier 1's.
  • Why use indexing service with 301s?
    Sending the '301' URLs to indexing services will let Google know about them and start passing down link juice to your site. This gig has an upgrade available for this service. I highly recommend doing this before adding links to the '301' shortened URLs.