I will master your song to be a hit For FREE

master your song to be a hit For FREE

About This Gig

Over the past 23 years, I've had the opportunity to work alongside many Grammy winning songwriters and music producers such as Carl Sturken (Rhianna, Kelly Clarkson), Andy Cardenas (Notorious B.I.G) and Silas Brown (Grammy winning classical producer).

I master recordings with over $10,000 of mastering gear and the goal of making them sound like a hit.

I'll master your song from my home studio for 5 dollars. 

Before you order you get to TRY IT FOR FREE! Send me a message and get a FREE mastering demo.

What to send me:

•  WAV/AIFF files are best but mp3s are accepted
•  Message me first if your song is over 10 minutes 
•  Don't max out the volume of your mix before sending
•  See my extras for multi-track mixing (only send exported WAV, AIFF or Mp3's, no project/session files)

I look forward to working with you!

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision

1 Song with Demo

Send me your recording, I'll master your song for free so you can hear it before buying.