I will heal you by curing your bad KARMA

heal you by curing your bad KARMA

About This Gig

Is you Bad Karma affecting your Success ?
YES ? Order now !!
NO ? , Nevermind but Sooner or later it will :)

There is a famous old saying "what goes around, Comes around". 
Dont let your bad karma to affect your Success when i am available to help you eliminating it Forever !!
U may do a bad deed and not remember it but "Karma is a bitch" it never forgets to payback with multiplying effect what you gave.
I will eliminate your bad karma so that it doesn't jeopardise your Sucess, your wealth, your relations, fame, or Things you want and well Deserve.

This is an EXCLUSIVE SERVICE GIG which i only provide to few of my premium real life clients but just to help people globally its a part of my initiative.
The standard 5$ gig is for temporary block of karma for a period of 45 days so as it doesn't  become an obstacle in your path. So dont hesitate to buy EXTRAS for better, enhanced services and VIP preference and treatment regarding each of your Queries. (Although all queries are welcomed)