I will push your BAD luck on never ending Vacation

push your BAD luck on never ending Vacation
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About This Gig

Want to get rid of your bad luck ? It often cutthroat your opportunities ? Happy if i send it away on a never ending vacation ?

Consider it done. I am here to take care that the only luck which'll follow you is the good one. And wipe out all your BAD KARMA.

Saturn - The Planet of Karma : Also Worshipped as God in Hindu Religion With A Temple in Shani Signapur counts more than 500 Million Devotees Per year to Worship God Shani (Saturn) and pray for their mercy.
If God Shani is angry upon you everything goes unfavourable for you, nothing works out and you end up on losing everything.

I will do shani (saturn) pooja (Prayer) and a forbidden ritual 200+ years old to cure your Bad luck
See PDF for More Details on Role & Importance of Planet Saturn as Per Astrology (which is a science)