I will flood money and wealth by spells and lakshmi puja

flood money and wealth by spells and lakshmi puja
flood money and wealth by spells and lakshmi puja
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About This Gig

Behind on your Bills? No luck with high paying job? Love is lost because of money?  want expensive stuff but money brings you back to reality ?

But you can get RICH REAL QUICK !!


My spells are not just about money but increasing financial strength, financial freedom, money backed by solid support. SEE  THE ULTIMATE CASTING GIG EXTRA which takes care of Debts, making new income sources,building solid financial strength, money spell and its parts and much more i.e WHOLE IN ITS OWN. apart from it with my lifelong experience in improving financial situations i can kick all your financial problems out of your life.

This gig is not Just about MONEY SPELL but :

  • GODDESS LAKSHMI Ritual and Puja for wealth ( Goddess Lakshmi is anciant Hindu goddess of wealth (refer pictures) who bless humans with wealth and is worshipped in 8 forms)
  • Planetary adjustment for "Dhan Laabh" i.e wealth fortune.
  • spells for immense Luck (luck plays vital role in wealth maximisation),Positive energy, and fortune for making money.
  • Ultimate money and wealth spell.




Order Details

1 day delivery

Basic money spell

Money Spell but without earthen lamp and rudraksha which are the essence of this gig. SEE EXTRAS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Goddess Lakshmi and why is she mentioned in Money Spell ?
    Goddess Lakshmi is the ancient Hindu goddess of wealth,Fortune and prosperity. In Hindu culture is is worshipped for getting wealth and good fortune, without her blessings no human can get Rich. So I do a ritual and puja and make her offerings to get you his blessings for money wealth.
  • How necessary and significant are earthen lamps and Rudraksha ? should i add it in spells ?
    They are the most necessary and significant part of a money spell or lets say essence of this spell and without it the spell is completed but not with full effects. If i was to cite an example i would say that a burger could be ate without sauces but its multiple times delicious with sauces.
  • Do i have to contact you before ordering ?
    I would be honest and Straight forward here.If you are not opting for Earthen lamp and rudraksha extra you should contact me first so that we can discuss is further before ordering as i recommend it as MUST have. else its on u to contact. if you have any queries even after reading FAQ, contact me.
  • If goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth is there a seperate and complete worship for her ?
    Yes in India a complete puja (worship) is done for goddess lakshmi by those who who seek wealth and need her blessings. It consist of multiple rituals, homam, spells and aartis (verbal offering and thanking to god) etc. and if you are intrested in it please message me.
  • How much time does it take for spell to manifest ?
    well, that's the only FAQ i wrote myself but don't have an answer to as it depends from person to person and type of spell you ordered. It may take from few days to a month or beyond. But i can assure that the spell does not gets wasted and surely brings result.