I will professionally master your recording

professionally master your recording

About This Gig

                                  --- CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING ---
Do you need your track mastered? We can do that. We have experience in audio production and recording spanning all styles of music from classical, pop, jazz, country, indie, rock, and more. 

What do we do? 
We will master your song to increase its overall loudness and ready it for distribution. We will add a master EQ, Compression, Maximizer, and any other effects needed in post production to get your track sounding its best! This is the final touch in making your project distribution ready, as such it should already be mixed and have all the levels balanced when you send it to us. Please do not add compression or limiters to your final mix, and make sure there is no clipping before submitting your audio file. Feel free to contact us before ordering, especially if you have any specific requests or concerns. 

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