I will predict your year using astrology

predict your year using astrology
predict your year using astrology

About This Gig

I will predict your year ahead using astrology.  I personally type 300 words forecasting this using your solar return.  The solar return runs approximately from your birthday this year to your birthday next year.  It predicts the theme for your year and/or a new perspective or phase you may be entering.  

Gig Extra #1: I will deliver your order in just one day.
Gig Extra #2: I will provide a computer generated 30+ page report of the daily transits based on your individual astrology chart for the next 6 months.

Gig Extra #3: I will add the next 6 months after that of daily transits 

Gig Extra #4:  I'll describe the potential marriage partners from your natal chart in 2 to 5 sentences each. The description will include the type of person and how difficult or easy it was with them.

Gig Extra #5:  I'll give an in depth prediction of your year using progressions, solar arcs, and transits. This expands beyond your solar return prediction. I can start this prediction from now until a year from now, or for the same time period as your solar return, or for another 1 year's time frame. You choose.