I will harden your server for maximum security

harden your server for maximum security

About This Gig

Server Hardening is the process of enhancing server security through a variety of means which results in a much more secure server operating environment. Many servers online today are attacked thousands of times per hour, tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of times each and every day. The best defense against such attacks is to ensure that server hardening is a well established practice within your organization or to outsource this task to an experienced & established server hardening agency. 

The default config of most operating systems are not designed with security as the primary focus. Instead, default setups focus more on usability, communications and functionality. To protect your servers you must establish solid and sophisticated server hardening policies for all servers in your organization. Developing a server hardening checklist would likely be a great first step in increasing your server and network security. 

We will help you protect your server from any type of attacks, Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance on this.

*******You need to purchase gigs for $30 for this advanced server hardening****************

Contact me before your purchase the gig.