I will selling hair care oil

selling hair care oil

About This Gig

Moluccana Oil is 100% pure walnut oil that is processed with modern technology COLD PRESS, so the vitamins and all the benefits in it remains intact and awake, so maximize results. In contrast to the way in fuel processing, then the ingredient will decompose as sensitive to heat. 
Its use is also safe for all ages, ranging from infants, children, to adults. 

Pecan Oil Benefits: 
-Overcome Hair Loss 
- Very good for babies / toddlers to adults in order to stimulate hair growth. 
- Nourish and thicken hair / eyebrow 
- Caring for the hair to stay healthy and more black 
- Strengthens the hair root growth 
- Prevent and reduce hair loss 
- Cure for hair loss & hair extensions to ever give birth 
- Eliminates stubborn dandruff 
- Can also be used as a massage oil for babies to adults 

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29 days delivery