I will channel a loved one in Spirit as a Medium

channel a loved one in Spirit as a Medium

About This Gig

I will channel a message from your a loved one in Spirit who has crossed over to Heaven by using a picture of you and a picture of them. The soul gives me evidence of how they passed by making me feel what area of the body was affected in their passing.  I get important months, and sometimes names of  people in their family, and a healing message.

I believe everyone should have an opportunity to receive messages from Spirit, not just those that can afford a high priced Medium.  I love what I do.

I will give you everything I get during the communication.  I always want to give the entire communication and not withhold any information for fear of being wrong.  It may be insignificant to me, but important to you.  Although I'm accurate about the way in which they passed, I expect the accuracy of the details to be mixed, as this is not an exact science.  I will get indications about their life.

My motivation for connecting to souls in Heaven is to bring comfort to those in the physical world who need proof that there is a place for us to go when we depart, and for those who want one more good bye. 

About me:

I'm a software engineer, a practicing Medium, and author of Notes from Heaven.

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5 days delivery

Online Mediumship Reading thru pics

I will connect with a person in Spirit using pics & give evidence of how they passed.