I will livechat a thirty minute consultation on moving to Ecuador

livechat a thirty minute consultation on moving to Ecuador

About This Gig

Ecuador is the #1 overseas retirement haven according to popular, international real estate and investment retirement living magazines.

Sounds like Paradise!

But what´s the real story and whom can you trust when everyone seems to want to sell something -- real estate, a gringo service, or a business opportunity -- along with their advice.  


I am a 54-year-old expatriate, a single woman, a business owner, a former attorney and a Social Media Forum guru.  You can find me moderating the Ecuador Forum of the ExpatExchange (since 2010), and administering the Ecuador Expat (since 2012) and Ecuador Coast (since 2013) pages on Facebook.

My involvement on Social Media keeps me on the cutting edge of information, up to the minute on available services, and in the know about the quality of service providers through customer feedback .

Please note: I do NOT sell ANY OTHER Expat services except my advice, so have no other agenda, I do not receive any kick-backs or remuneration for my advice, suggestions or recommendations from service providers.   

30 Minutes of MESSENGER with Your Ecuador Expat Expert, schedule your call today!

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