I will transcribe your audio or video file

transcribe your audio or video file

About This Gig

I offer this service in English and German


I am an experienced transcriptionist in English and German and can take care of your transcription and editing needs, be it dictation, podcast, interviews, video etc.

Please always contact me BEFORE placing a gig, to make sure I can meet your particular timeline and requirements and, if necessary, provide you with a custom offer.

For custom offers please provide the following information:

  • amount of minutes
  • amount of speakers
  • deadline (if applicable)
  • transcription verbatim, slightly edited or edited to fit publication as blog post/article

I will provide the transcription to the best of my knowledge, but due to a lack of audio quality, changes in volume or other reasons, it is always possible that single words, names or sentence parts are not clearly audible. In such cases I will mark the particular part in my transcription.

Please provide the transcription file in such a way, that I can download it.

Any further questions? Please check the FAQs, and if you don't find the answers there, just let me know! :)

Order Details

3 days delivery

Simple transcription

up to 5 min audio/video duration

  • Up to 2 Speakers
  • Up to 5 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you need the downloadable file? Will this not be a manual transcription?
    Yes, this will be a transcription: I will listen to the file and manually type it. But in order to be more efficient, I will have to upload the file into a special transcription software that allows me to slow down the speed and control the audio (stop, forward, play etc.) via a foot pedal.
  • The file I need transcribed is only availabe online, I cannot download it. Can you transcribe it anyway?
    In general that is still possible, it just enhances my workload i.e. the duration. I can accomodate this with a custom offer.
  • The transcription file is an interview, but I want to publish it as an article or blog post, so it needs editing. Can you do that?
    Yes - I can provide simple editing as in leaving out stutters, filling words and phrases (erm, well, mhm, I agree etc.) but also work on the grammar and structure of the text to customize it to your publishing needs.