I will make a video as a 1960s hippie flower child

Super fast delivery and exactly as expected! Would recommend!
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Absolutely perfect - 10 out of 10, REALLY!
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So great, I love it!!!
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make a video as a 1960s hippie flower child
make a video as a 1960s hippie flower child
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About This Gig

Meet Skye - she's a free spirited hippy flower child - and she would love to spread the love by creating you a fun video message, or by promoting your business, band or anything else.

Just send me your script of up to 50 words and I'll make you an awesome video of me as Skye, the hippy saying anything you want.

What you will get from this gig:
- A HD .mov video sent to you of Skye, the hippy saying your own message or script of up to 50 words (approx 30 secs video).
- If your script is longer than 50 words then please purchase 'extra 50 words' as a gig extra up to the length of your script.
- As a gig extra I can convert the video file to another file type (MP4, avi etc).
- As an alternative I can create a still photo of me holding your message on a sign. (10 words max).

No adult photo or video requests, please! :)

Peace and love 

Order Details

5 days delivery

50-word Video

50-word video of Skye the Hippie saying whatever you want.

  • Up to 50 Words