I will write a professional Cover Letter or About Me page

write a professional Cover Letter or About Me page

About This Gig

I will create a unique and professional cover letter or "about me" page that reflects your talents, abilities and personality. I enjoy highlighting the unique traits that ultimately make you shine. Before purchasing this gig, please answer the following questions for me and include a copy of your resume for reference. 

Please note: I DO NOT write or format resumes. 

1) If your best friend was to describe you in 3 words , what would they be ?
2) If your college professor could describe you in 2 words what would they be ?
3) If a family member could describe you in 1 word what would it be ?
4) Name 3 of your strengths and 2 "weaknesses"
5) Tell me 1 creative thing you do on a regular basis
6) Tell me 2 future goals
7) Tell me a challenging situation you were in , but you eventually were able to thrive and breakthrough. 

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Cover Letter/ About Me Page

I will write a unique, professional cover letter or about me page

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