I will edit and perfect your dating profile

edit and perfect your dating profile

About This Gig

“What’s Really Hot on Dating Sites? Proper Grammar” 
—Wall Street Journal, October 2015

Indeed. Impress potential suitors and lovely ladies alike with a perfectly-written online dating profile. After all, you’re not meant to be a writer, you’re just supposed to let your personality SHINE through your words! 

Why should you use my help?  
I once had a date tell me, “You have the best profile I’ve ever read.” 

I will wordsmith the hell out of your profile, leaving it sparkling and intriguing enough to get that first "hello" message. I can even help you write your profile from scratch (see extras). Impressing them after the first date is up to you! ;)

Get fixes on:

  • Grammar, punctuation, typos
  • Clarity, flow, style, articulation, remove arrogant or weird tone
  • Wordiness/substitutions

What I will NOT do:

  • Judge/condescend you 
  • Disclose private information


Pricing questions? Ask!
1x = 150 WORDS
2x = 300 WORDS
3x = 500 WORDS
4x = 750 WORDS
5x = 1000 WORDS

+ 2x = Final Proofread after applied edits, 1000 WORD LIMITI’ll give it my final eyeballs after applied edits.

Order Details

Edit and perfect dating profile

Wordsmith your profile to help you get the first hello.

2 days delivery