I will do regression analysis with detials

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do regression analysis with detials
do regression analysis with detials
do regression analysis with detials
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About This Gig

I am a student of BS in Economics and Mathematics (double majors) of the final year.

The Softwares that I use:

2. STATA 12
3. Eveiws

Following are the list that I can do. 

Simple Linear Regression
Derivation of least square estimators
Interpretation,elasticities and prediction 
Hypothesis testing
Prediction and goodness of fit 
Modeling issues and functional forms in simple regression including log-lin, log-log etc
Multiple linear regression, parameter estimation and interpretations
Hypotehsis tests concerning linear combination of parameters
Omitted Variable Bias, inclusion of unnecessary variables
RESET for adequacy of regression model
Collinearity of regressors and its consequences
Chow test
T- Test
Series correlation detection introduction via DW test
Testing for individual parameters 
Testing the global usefulness of the model
R-square and adjusted R-square
General F-test for nested models
Interaction models with quantitative and qualitative variables
Detecting outliers and identifying influential observation
Analysis of data using ANOVA
Experiment, treatment, factors, randomization
Noise reducing and volume increasing designs

Order Details

2 days delivery 3 Revisions


This can be your assignments or Research project.Multi var included.

  • Model Validation/Testing
  • Model Documentation
  • Data Source Connectivity