I will create a hybrid mobile application

create a hybrid mobile application
create a hybrid mobile application

About This Gig

Develop a full stack application which includes RESTFul APIs(Webservices) with Mobile application using Hybrid Platforms (Phonegap / Cordova) and Ionic Framework (AngularJS).

Being a hybrid application it can be developed for multiple platforms with single code and can be rolled out to the application store much faster compared to Native Apps.

The code developed is encrypted before the application is made available to general users.

The application are developed using HTML +  CSS3 + AngularJS so the design related tasks can be managed by any person with knowledge of HTML + CSS3. 

Order Details


Custom Development of mobile application as per the requirement with RESTful APIs

  • App Submission
  • Splash Screen
  • 3 Operating Systems
  • Include Source Code
  • App Icon
  • Ad Network Integration
29 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ionic Safe
    Yes it is safe and with proven technology and lots of updates in current application development market. Hybrid Applications are safe as much as Native Applications
  • What's the difference between Native and PhoneGap / Cordova
    Native applications take more time to develop + there are multiple codes written for iOS and Android. There are 2 separate developers working on the same functionalities in different way. Within Hybrid framework, same code can be utilized on maximum mobile platforms.