I will edit the first ten pages of your script for $5

edit the first ten pages of your script
edit the first ten pages of your script

About This Gig


I wrote my first TV spec script in three weeks, learned how to upload and format it in Final Draft in seven hours and four months later I was sitting in the Warner Bros. TV Writers' Workshop with 80 other people who also made the top 5th percentile of the program that year.

The first 10 pages are your first impression to the gatekeepers. I will edit your first 10 pages, specifically scrubbing the characters, plot, tropes, and structure.


Send in Final Draft or Celtx file only.  Celtx is free so there is no excuse to not have it. If I receive a document that isn't either of these I will cancel the order for two reasons: 1) You aren't ready to be editing a script you haven't put the time into properly formatting and 2) it will be too long.

**For help formatting read "The Hollywood Standard" by Christopher Riley.

TV or Feature film scripts only. No news scripts, documentary, or pre or post notes--they are an entirely different beast.

Please include a brief synopsis (pitch, logline, something to give me a sense of its entirety).  I will also edit your pitch and logline for an additional cost.

Welcome! I look forward to working with you.