I will help you make a decision for $5

/ 7 Days On Average
help you make a decision
help you make a decision

About This Gig

If you're finding yourself in a situation where you have a decision to make - small or big as it may be - and would like some input from someone objective whom you don't know and who doesn't know you then look no further.

I won't actually make a decision for you - but I'll provide you with a little bit of helpful insight that may just be what you need to finally make that decision! 

I will provide help with decision-making pertaining to any subject, from as small a thing as which dress to buy to whether or not now is the right time to have a baby. 

I study Occupational Therapy and am on my third year. This gives me the tools I need to help you find out for yourself where your motivation lies and what changes you may or may not need in your life.