I will motivate you to get it done for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
motivate you to get it done
motivate you to get it done

About This Gig

What are the things you really should do, but that you don't get done, because no one keeps you in check?  
Lose weight? Work out more? Eat right? Clean around the house?
Think about it... There's always that thing you want to change, but can't because you have no one to answer to about it.

I'll be that person you have to answer to. 

What you get:
For one week I'll be the diary that actually responds to what you're writing. Expect me to respond with encouragement, praise, ass-whooping or maybe even a bit of advice. 

You'll be required to write at the end of the each day with a progress report, so I have something to go by, otherwise I'd really just be talking to myself and that isn't very productive, now is it? :)

if your prefer weekly check-ins rather than daily, pick the weekly extra from the Gig extras.

Photos are encouraged, but not required. 

Note: Delivery will be completed through the Fiverr messaging system.