I will translate text to Danish

translate text to Danish

About This Gig

Please note: As I'm currently on maternity leave, gigs will be fulfilled as fast as possible, but delivery times may be a little slower than usual, though still within the deadlines outline in the gig description. I ask you to please bear with me :)
This also means that I do not currently do orders of more than 1100 words. 

I will translate 300 words to danish for 5$

Please read before ordering:

  • No automated translations

I provide quality translations! Automated translations are incomprehensible and useless. Get your translation done right the first time! 

  • Paraphrasing

I will keep my translation as close to your original text as possible in respect for your wording. Poorly written sentences may bleed into your translation - check your text before sending!  See proofreading below if you want paraphrasing to happen.

  • Extrafast Addon

The ExtraFast addon only applies to orders up to 650 words! Message me for a custom order if you need extra fast for more than 650 words.

  • Sexual content

Grab the extra, no exceptions. 

I am currently not taking orders for more than 1100 words at a time.