I will guest Post at Personal Injury Law Blog

guest Post at Personal Injury Law Blog

About This Gig

I have a blog which is about personal injury claims and so am happy to post guest posts on there as long as they are related to law. So any content about personal injury claims or compensation is ideal but any law related content is also OK for the blog.

Please make sure that your guest post is of a high quality and at least 400 words, it should have a good title and be well written. You are of course free to include a link to your site but please also include at least one other link to related high quality but non-competing pages, this is to make the links look natural to search engines which is very important for both of us.

If you would not like to write the guest post then I can do that for you so please choose the gig extra if you would like that and then let me know what keywords you are targeting as I will base the whole post around that topic.