I will guest post on travel blog da27

guest post on travel blog da27

About This Gig

I have a travel blog which has a domain authority of 27 and some excellent links which include the Telegraph and so this domain has some great authority. 

I am happy to accept guest posts but they must be of a very high quality. I am happy to provide writing for you if you would like with the extra listed below, if you are providing the guest post then please make sure that it is at least 500 words and contains more than one link and so please also link to at least one other relevant but non-competing page.

The web site is called Travel 4 Less and is about travelling cheaply and so while I am happy to accept any travel content, it is much better if it is geared towards cheap travel and saving money on holiday etc so please keep that in mind.

It is also preferable to have an image in the post as this makes the post look much better and more natural and so you are free to provide an image or choose the extra where I provide an image for your post.