I will proof read and edit your document in a specialist manor

proof read and edit your document in a specialist manor

About This Gig

I will proof read and edit your 1,500 word document to a high professional standard, within 7 days.

If the document is more than 1,500 words, please order more Gigs accordingly.

This gig is for grammar, usage, and mechanics (i.e. spelling, punctuation, clarity, form, word choice, etc.). I provide red-line tracking  with Microsoft Word. 

Your file should be in .doc, .docx, .odt, or .txt
 (Web text will be transformed to document format for ease of use). 

I do NOT rewrite, format, ghostwrite, or alter content. I do NOT accept documents like legal contracts, spun articles, mechanically translated articles, or documents with adult content. Unless you first ask me and an extra Gig has been paid per 1,500 words.

I will not rush your order (NOTE: Extra Fast work endures two extra gigs on top of the original work ordered and will be completed within 1 day) so expect it to be completed within 7 days from when the order was placed.

Please send me the material you want proof reading and I will peruse the material/edit accordingly and send it you back within a day.