I will provide 45 videos of Adobe photoshop CS6 Tutorial

provide 45 videos of Adobe photoshop CS6 Tutorial

About This Gig

It will cover the following topics.

• Introduction
• System Requirements
• Overview of the Workspace
• Working with Panels
• Working with the Tools Panel
• More about Tools
• Creating a New Document Part 1
• Creating a New Document Part 2
• Inserting Images
• How to Import Camera Raw Files
• Smart Objects
• Adjusting Image and Canvas Size
• Saving Your Project
• WTF is the Status Bar
• How to use the Navigator Panel
• Using the Zoom Tool
• Working with Multiple Documents
• Writing Notes
• The Info Panel
• General Preferences Overview
• Using the Ruler and Guides
• Your Interface Settings
• Rulers, Units, and Other Stuff
• Guides, Grids, and More
• How to Increase Performance
• How to Add and Organize Brushes
• More Crap about Brushes
• How to Create Your Own Presets
• Creating Your Own Workspace
• Customizing User Interface
• Using the Marquee Selection Tool
• Single Row Marquee Tool
• Lasso Tool
• Quick Selection Tool
• Magic Wand Tool
• Select by Color Range
• Fine Tuning Your Selection Edges
• How to Edit Your Selection
• Best Copy and Pasting Techniques
• Free Transform
• How to Crop Images
• Perspective Crop Tool
• Advanced Scaling Techniques
• PCleaning Up Dirt and Scratches
• Content Aware

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