I will do your jQuery, html, css work for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
do your jQuery, html, css  work
do your jQuery, html, css  work

About This Gig

Hey !

I'm Haider and I am a professional web developer ;-) .

I am ready to help you in your web development projects which use Javascript, jQuery, HTML(5) or/and CSS(3) !

Note that I can ask you to purchase more than one gig regarding to the work you want me to do... But I will provide you a link where you will be able to check my work live .

Please send me a PM before purchasing my Gig and we will be able to work together.

Questions & Answers :

Do you work on big Javascript / jQuery or responsive design projects ? Yes, I can work on big projects and I can also make a complete website for you or your company (including web design and backend and I aslo work with some frameworks such as CodeIgniter or Symfony2).
7 days to do the work ? It's so long! Oh yes, but it's for the biggest projects! For some simple scripts or updates, I can do the work in just a couple of hours ;-) !

And don't forget to check my customer's amazing feedbacks to have an idea of the quality of my work ;-) .