I will give you 11 ideas on anything for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
give you 11 ideas on anything
give you 11 ideas on anything

About This Gig

For $5 you will get 11 one-liner ideas on anything:

Getting 3 ideas is pretty easy, 5 starts to make you think, and by 7 it becomes tough! I accept your challenge by coming up with 11 ideas for your given topic.

Topics can include: what to buy a 10-year old boy, a barber business name, slow cooker recipes.

I will use my brain and also do some basic research to come up with 11 ideas (which may or may not already exist).

You will get the ideas listed on a bullet-point list on Microsoft Word (maximum 110 words for the whole list).


  • Get some ideas you may not have thought of - the more ideas you get, the more you can mix and match.
  • Why settle for 10 ideas? This gig gives you 110% with 11!
  • Outsource your thinking! Combine this gig with another Fiverr gig that brings your idea to life - BAM new product!

Thank you