I will convert songs, music, sounds, audio files, in 432 Hz

convert songs, music, sounds, audio files, in 432 Hz

About This Gig

I will convert your any favorites songs, music, sounds, audio files, in 432 Hz, the beneficial frequency of the Universe.

The Universe has a harmonic frequency of 432 Hz, while the digital music of today it's all tuned to the standard of 440 Hz. The sounds and music are composed of vibrations, everything vibrates, also matter, and if everything vibrates approximately the same frequency of the Universe will be felt (consciously or unconsciously) a beneficial feeling.

For $ 5 I process audio files with a maximum duration of 15 minutes. For audio files lasting over 15 minutes, the cost is $ 10 (for each audio file).

WARNING - NOTICE: for questions protective against scammers, when the work is completed you will receive a short demo of listening. If the purchaser must be satisfied, before leaving positive feedback, and then will be sent the complete audio file. Otherwise the order will be canceled.