I will convert midi file into professional audio track

convert midi file into professional audio track

About This Gig

Hi I'm a musician/keyboardist, I will transform your midi music file into professional High Quality audio format MP3/WAV, with real instruments sounds. The midi file must be complete with all its instrumental tracks, and in any case will be worked with the real or synth sounds only on instrumental tracks in the midi file.

For $ 5 I only converting MIDI files to MP3 and WAV, with real instruments standard.

If you want change the tonality, only on request, with Extra of $ 5.

For all the Extra, prices, are in the inherent section.
For other Extras requests ask in a private message.

Any write errors on the tracks of musical instruments in the MIDI files (music notes wrong, out of time, out of measure, etc.), can be corrected only through an Extra cost of $ 30. Otherwise the MIDI file will be converted as is.

For precautionary issues, the work will be delivered in Demo format (short of a few seconds audio file), and only when the order will be completed (with feedback), the complete audio file will be sent.

Order Details

2 days delivery


Convert midi file into professional audio track.