I will say anything you want me to in one of 5 accents

say anything you want me to in one of 5 accents

About This Gig

You got something you need sayin' but you don't quite have the confidence or vocal talent needed to get it out of your lungs and into the world? Well, look no further than me, an tip top voice actor who can do a range of voices. I'll perform whatever words you want saying in whatever accent you want, out of these accents:

American - Texas
American - New York
American - Neutral
American - 'Valley Girl'
British - Posh
British - Cockney
British - Chav
South African

Order Details

The 100 Worder

I'll do up to 100 words in an accent of your choice.

  • 1 Style
  • Script Proofreading
  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use
1 day delivery 1 Revision
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will this take on average?
    I'll usually be able to get your request within twenty-four hours unless it's a weekend. I don't have access to my recording studio on the weekends.
  • Where are you from?
    Wherever you need me to be.
  • Do you do languages other than English?
    If you give me direct pronunciation on every word then I should be able to learn how to speak them within a week, I don't have this listed because I've never tried it as a service before. Willing to give it a whirl though.