I will speed up and PageSpeed optimize your Wordpress site

speed up and PageSpeed optimize your Wordpress site

About This Gig

You have a Wordpress site but it's operating slowly? You want to speed up the things a little bit? Or you are doing some SEO optimizations and you heard that speed matters? You are at the right place! I can help you speed optimizing your site and i can increase your PageSpeed ratings too.

I am a Wordpress expert with 6+ years experience and i have the required skills to finish this optmization successfully. I am familiar with the most important SEO guidelines and i'm also a system administrator so i can help you setup a server side caching and compression method (gzip + deflate).

What i can do for you:

- Minify HTML
- Minify (and combine JS files)
- Minify (and combine) CSS files
- Recompress PNG and JPG images (if necessary)
- Setup gzip and/or deflate compression
- Install and configure W3 Total Cache (or other caching plugin if it's denied by your hosting company)
- Setup a free CDN service