I will clean, level and restore audio recordings

clean, level and restore audio recordings

About This Gig

I will turn your "bad" audio file into  usable material by
removing noises, distortions, reverb, and more.

I will deliver professional-quality results with speed and efficiency.

Common problems I can fix include:

• Ambient background noise (inc echo/reverb)
• Tape hiss
• Electronic interference such as hum and buzz
• Bring your volume on the same level over the whole mp3 file (some files are louder at the beginning)
Loudness Normalization
Noise and Hum Reduction
Adaptive Leveler

Please get in touch if you have detailed work that needs treatment, 
I will review it and let you know how many gigs to buy. Amd I will also do sample work for free so you will know what you will get.