I will prepare excel files with formulas for $5

2 Days On Average
prepare excel files with formulas
prepare excel files with formulas

About This Gig

I will Prepare
1) Salary Sheets, (Auto Count Leaves, Overtimes, Advances, Food Allowance, Traveling Allowance, House Rent, Tax on Income)
2) Profit & Loss Sheet, Expenses Sheets
3) Get Results By Formulas 
4) Expert in Sumif, Sum (Summation)
                     Lookup, Vlookup ,
                     Product, Subtraction, Average If, Countif
6) Pivot Table for Filtering Results with different angles. e.g. Area wise Sale,
7)Top 10 valued customers, Daily Sale, Specific Product Wise Sale in Specific Location.
8) Remove Duplicate Values
9) List Selection in Cell Bars.
10)Sheets Attachments
11) Designing, Formatting And Auditing Formulas.

I will provide Graphs in Excel or In Images:
Pie Chart,
Bar Chart,
Scattered Charts
and Other Charts

I Could Train You in Excel.

**********Exclusive Offer:***************