I will make your Android phone faster again for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
make your Android phone faster again
make your Android phone faster again

About This Gig

Android phones can become slower over time, for a lot of reasons. It can be really annoying, but I can help you!

I will remotely connect to your phone, and will make some tweaks to settings.

There's also some apps I'll set up for you, which will help keep your phone running fast.

Finally I will also extend your battery life using setting tweaks and other optimising tools.

You'll be able to see everything I'm doing on your phone while I control it, and I have no need to access your personal files or accounts for the work I do.

I can also be on a phone call, Skype chat or video call if you want extra peace of mind - before and during the whole session.

It takes me around 20-30 minutes to complete the process. If you don't see any improvement, I'll refund you.