I will compose your piano piece for you or your loved one


About This Gig

I am a pianist-composer and studied musical composition in the University of Chile. 
I have the gift of composing music in real time. I know it sounds pretentious but is true and I enjoy doing that and now for many years.
Although I did it many times in my concerts to my audience, it has more a sense of fulfillment in front of my piano students.
If you take your time in explaining to me what do you feel, what do you would like to express in a piece of music or even how you would like this piece to be named, you will inspire me even more to come close to your need. 

I will compose and deliver to you a customized piano tune (mp3) for your pleasure or as gift for somebody you love.

If you would like to know which is my favorite style please listen to "Sophie" (You can see the PDF as well)
Sophie-link: https://youtu.be/iHuTMbzHjxo 

I did many compositions and arrangements in the past from music for beginners piano students to a large symphonic orchestral works for big projects. I can provide you with some samples of those works as well. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any other enquire related to music compositions, adaptations, transcriptions, arrangements, etc. 

Order Details

5 days delivery