I will create page WordPress website

create page WordPress website
create page WordPress website

About This Gig


P.S. $5 job is for 1 basic HTML page using least CSS and coded and structured well. < table> based layouts are NOT accepted!!

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is the latest technology for websites which you can use to make your website user friendly automatically for each device. The website detects the device width and automatically loads styles for that particular device. We use CSS3, CSS, HTML, HTML5 for doing this task. Go ahead, and read on full to know what it is and what it'll cost you.

How Will I Convert Your Site To Responsive Design?
@media Queries
And More!

For How Many Devices Your Site Will Be Available?
Site will be coded for all devices.

Will All Elements Be Converted?
Unfortunately, no. Some sliders like Nivo sliders are not responsive yet and use complex javascript. Our team will hide it in other views like iPad and small phones so that your site don't break.

What Is The Price Range?
Usually, if you want to get your FULL site converted, it is around $100-$120. But, if your site is too large and complex and you want to replace sliders too, then it'll cost you around $120-$180 (MAX).